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At Zahabi, we help you seamlessly sell and purchase properties in the simplest way possible. We pick the golden deal in the real estate market for you as per your requirements. Our top priority is to offer our clients exceptional service and develop long-term relationships built on trust and transparency. We are RERA-certified agents and aim to become the UAE's most reliable and desired real estate agency with exceptional customer service and a personalized approach to our clients.

Our team has expertise in keeping up with the changing market trends and helping you make the best decision. So, If you want to receive golden value for your property in sale or purchase, we are here at your service.

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Our Projects

We can offer you limitless choices in top projects from top real estate developers in the UAE. Get ready to settle on a dream project with a smart purchase or sell it at a golden price. The living options are:

Luxury Villa in Dubai​​

Townhouses are the best options if you want a detached single-family room and are okay with sharing walls with neighbors. You can reside in the best areas of Dubai with a prime view of the sea face and enjoy all the amenities with good connectivity.

Top Townhouse in Dubai

Townhouses are the best options if you want a detached single-family room and are okay with sharing walls with neighbors. You can reside in the best areas of Dubai with a prime view of the sea face and enjoy all the amenities with good connectivity.

Modern Apartment in Dubai

Live in plush societies in the city's heart or nearby suburb in a chosen spacious apartment with exotic and indigenous interiors: access to world-class amenities, green and open spaces, and superb connectivity.

WHY Zahabi?

We have an expert team of qualified real estate agents to give sound advice and expert guidance at every step of your journey. We fully understand the specific needs of every client and customize our services accordingly. We believe in long-term relations with transparency, honesty, and ethical business practices.

What is the Procedure?

Zahabi is a real estate company and your top destination for fulfilling all your real estate goals. Our detailed services provide the best guidance to meet all your requirements. Whether you seek real estate investment opportunities, your dream home, or expert asset management guidelines, we accompany you every step, providing complete guidelines and empowering you to achieve your dreams.

How Old Are We?

As a company, we are new to the real estate industry but bring fresh ideas and advanced strategies. Our team brings in much expertise and knowledge about the real estate market. We have developed a great team to cater to all needs of the clients.

Can I Sell My Property Here?

Yes, our dedicated team can broker the best deal for you. We conduct a detailed assessment of your property and advise ways to improve its value through repair work, paintings, deep cleaning, etc. We have a database of interested buyers who want a similar property. After arranging a site visit for them, we ensure the best deal for you before helping you with the sale deed agreement, documentation, and all the necessary transactions.

Is it Secure?

Yes, we use the latest secure payment platform for our clients for payments of earnest payments, deposits, closing amounts, etc. It provides a higher level of security with more scrutiny during transaction processing. We ensure there are no frauds and don't relax before the entire amount reaches you safely.

A Message from Our CEO

Marching ahead together amid changing Dubai's Real Estate Landscape

Dubai’s real estate market has positioned itself as one of the top attractions for foreign investors seeking diversification and high returns. Zahabi Homes takes pride in being part of the real estate boom in the region. We are focused on exceeding your expectations through our excellence, integrity, and innovation.

In the face of changing marketplace dynamics, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide personalized solutions tailored to your requirements. Transferring or purchasing a home is a strategic process, not simply a business deal.

As your CEO, I am Chetan Kumbhar proud to say that my team of professional and dedicated agents assist clients in attaining their ultimate goal, finding that perfect home or selling their property for the highest value.

Our primary goal has been and continues to be UAE’s number one real estate company· We have a solid reputation of trust and transparency with complete PDCs and RERA certification.

As we look to the future, we’re excited about the opportunities. With Dubai’s visionary leadership, strategic initiatives, and robust community development, we are confident in the ‘persistent growth of the real estate sector.

I sincerely thank our esteemed clients and partners for their unwavering trust and support· Your belief in us motivates us to raise the bar better and set new standards of excellence.

I sincerely appreciate our committed team members’ hard work, passion, and dedication· Your commitment to excellence drives our success, and I am genuinely thankful for your invaluable contributions.

Let’s continue our fantastic journey to pursue excellence, integrity, and innovation· Together, we will continue to shape the future of Dubai’s real estate market and create lasting value for generations to come·

Thank you for your continuing trust and valuable partnership.

Warm regards,
Chetan Kumbhar
CEO, Zahabi Homes

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